Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NZ Pictures Day 5

Day 5: Rotorua and Plenty of Scenic Shots

Mmmf? Lmmealn.

Coffee is a goodness.

What? A picture of sheep? No way.

I present the museum/bathhouse of Rotorua. Tada!
To check out the underneath it was suggested we were helmets.

I get to be tall! Watch me watch my head.
It seems a demon lives down there and he's what heats the water.

And now a few panoramic shots from the roof:

Stupid timer.
Hello from Rotorua!
Museum/Bathhouse pretty
Wife with arch in background
Yummy food, awful waiter

The what now?
Flowers purdy
If I could have slowed down further I would have

And now for some more scenic shots:

Yes, that road twisting into the distance was wonderful
This is what motorcycle sad looks like on the outside
Why is it not a full circle?
"Why are these tourists taking pictures of me? Move along."

Yet more scenic shots:

Parked for the night in Napier
I am the king of arm stretched out self portraits
*color not artificially enhanced by smog
Christmas is coming!

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