Monday, January 10, 2011

NZ- Friday, 12/17

Friday, 12/17 8:53pm (HI time), HNL-Gate 25

(editor's note: I won't be doing many of these, but I feel its fair warning that the first few days journals might be a little slower or of lower writing quality. This is due to tiredness, jet lag, and getting back in to the groove of writing a journal. It gets better quickly, I promise.)

Waiting to board the plane to NZ. Pretty excited, but first we have to get through the flight. Plenty of personal and provided in-flight distractions so I'm not too worried.

The goal of this journal is to record, daily hopefully, the events and impressions of our honeymoon to the island nation of New Zealand. This was I'll be better able to remember the trip and my immediate impressions during, as well as add later realizations and revelations as they come to me. Right now I'm enjoying listening to the New Zealand accent from the elderly gentleman across from me. Pretty sure it won't get old.

Approx 6 hours to landing

Dinner on board was very good. I had a chicken dish and Angela had beef and pasta. Hers was better. She's sleeping now.

As soon was we got on the plane we started messing with the in-seat touch screen fanciness. I watched two episodes of Top Gear and two episodes of The Big Bang Theory. Then it cut out on me and I can't get the touch screen to respond to my touch anymore. Time to get out Lost I guess.

The lady in the seat in front of me has reclined her seat as far back as it will go. I want to tap her on the top of the head but I won't.

Tired. Should try to sleep. Will make tomorrow (today?) easier.

Time to destination- 2 hours 36 minutes

Slept some! Yay!

Time to destination- 24 minutes

Captain just announced it's 5:43am on Sunday, December 19th. We skipped Saturday. *cue Doc Brown impression* Great Scott! We found 1.21 jiggawatts!

Soon we'll be landed, then through customs where we must declare our Cliff Bars and then the train to Aukland.

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