Saturday, December 7, 2013

Raging Nerd-On

A friend and I decided we are starting a band called Raging Nerd-On
I will now present the list of song names we spent an hour texting back and forth, many of which will be on our first album, "Vigors, Buffs, and Cheats".
  • I'm Not a Cylon (Whoops, I Was Wrong)
  • He's a Cheating Bastard (At Mario Party)
  • Button Mashing Apology
  • I Thought It Was Love, Turns Out It Was LARP
  • Upgrade Mistakes/Useless Perks
  • Increase My Mouse Sensitivity
  • Paragon on the Streets, Renegade in the Sheets
  • She Needs a Walkthrough
  • Killed By Lag
  • I'll Love You Like a Lanister
  • We Weren't Drift Compatable
  • Our Love Won't Regenerate (Chest High Walls)
  • My Baby Loves Jar Jar
  • Commenter's Lament (Worse Than Hitler remix)
  • Come Into My Hobbit Hole (feat. DJ Bob the Pony)
  • She's Practical, But I'm CGI
  • You've Got A Lot of NERV
  • I Can't Reboot Our Love
  • Set Phasers to Sexy
  • Damnit, I'm a Rocker (Not a Doctor)
  • I Used To Be In Love With You (Then I Took An Arrow To The Heart)
  • Dive Into My Haystack
  • I'll Be On the (Table)Top
  • Open World, Lonely Heart
  • I Wanna Take A PeekAtYou
  • Shake The Mass (Effect Field)
  • Up, Up, Down, Down, Select, Start Lovin' Me
  • Press X to Hold Me
  • You Leveled Up My Heart
  • I'm In Love (With a Holodeck Dame)
  • Natural 20...In My Pants 
  • He Makes Me WETA 
  •  **Bonus Secret Track**
    • Winter Is Coming (All Over Your Face)