Saturday, January 15, 2011

NZ Pictures Day 1 & 2

Day 1- The Airplane and Time Travel

The first picture of the trip, being electronically prepared for nine hours on a plane

Da foods

Da dessert
Da wife foods

Da Dirtbag's foods

Giant and slightly scary Santa on top of a book store

Wait, this is real money?

Where is the yarn?
Mmmm, sammich
Wonder what they fix here

Yes. Yes yes yes
Something for both of us
My teeny tiny coffee. This would continue to be a problem
Greasy fish n' chips!
Whatever it was that she had that was better than what I had

Day 2 - Epic Walk and Yummy Dinner

Our starting point for the 16k Coast to Coast walk
The Pacific ocean
Tree tunnel
Can you spot the building? It's cleverly hidden.

Yellow arrows are our friends

Museum we walked by but didn't go in

For some reason with tree with a big fence and then a little fence is special. Its also a pretty tree
What the hell do they play here? Cricket? How?

The next few are from Auckland Grammar School:
Students who have gone on to be All Blacks

I don't know what it says, but it sure says it purdy

Honoring faculty with over 25 years in
Main Hall, filled with 2,500 14-18 year old boys every morning. "Silent?" "Silent."
The Headmaster's podium
Classroom with super sneaky picture of Dep. Headmaster John (and Angela's butt)

Old School (get it? Ha!)

The top of Mt. Eden:

Wait, you don't call it smog here? Clouds? Really?

Hey, they have a thing telling how far we are from where we were in some strange unit of measurement!
Proper footwear? Check.
A path! A path!
Every urinal in the country looks like this. The bathroom was empty. Do you stand on the grate and hit the wall or on the tile and go through the grate? Its the former, but it took me days to be sure by watching someone else

Get up and walk! (Lord of the Rings joke #1!)
Ahead there be sheeps...
Hello sheeps. Bring me wool!

The Tasman Sea
Hello duck! Nomnomnom
Good night.

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