Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Today, because there is only one day of school left before the winter break, I read my kids Polar Express. And then, after lunch, we watched the movie based on the book.
When the movie was over there was still about a half hour left of school. Feeling the need for something academic, I placed the DVD case and the book at the front of the classroom and asked my students, “What are the differences between these?”
Many eager hands shoot up. In the front is the hand of a child who is pulled out for special ed. classes for most of the day. I like to give him a chance to answer when he is in class. It makes him feel good and the other kids are impressed when he gets something right. It helps them see him in a different light. And I felt like this was a pretty easy question. Therefore, he is the one who should start off the discussion.
“Yes, child. What are the differences between the two?”
The child is confident. There is no hesitation in his response. Pointing, “That one’s a movie and that one’s a book. And that one’s bigger.”



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  1. I'm writing a book on the funny things people say in my office. You should do the same because that is a PRICELESS story! Poor kid, he did state the obvious.