Monday, March 14, 2011

NZ Pictures Day 6 & 7

Day 6- Napier and the National Aquarium of New Zealand
*warning- many many fish pictures ahead*


The Frying Dutchman? Ha!

Don't ask. I'm not sure.

We both have aquarium loves

I'm a sucker for shark stuff
(this is a warning)

How cool is this?


Dirtbag is friends, not food

So a sea cucumber and a mollusk, no wait...

If Angela gets a dog I want a shark

Drum solo!
(get it? GET IT?)

If you look really carefully right in the center of the picture you can kind of see a kiwi. Long, narrow beak pointing towards your upper left corner.

I like turtles!

Really this picture is only here because I think I'm clever for having her show the scale.

Not posed. Ohhhhhh

Also not posed. Ahhhh

A travelator is a flat escalator which takes you through the magical undersea world


You don't say?

Seriously, this might be my favorite picture of the entire trip

Fresh baked bread


We will destroy you


This might be the coolest I've ever looked in a picture

Look honey, veggies!

The day's haul

Preparing for Christmas

Yeah, we brought a tiny string of lights too. Festive, damnit!

See what happens when I'm alone with the camera? You see?

Yummy yummy dinner. Might have been lamb.

Pretty sunset unaided by smog-enhanced coloration

Day 7- Lots of Scenery Pictures But Ain't it Purdy
It's Christmas!

Awww, we are freakin' cute!
*Warning: What follows is a ton of scenery shots because there was lots of driving on this day*

Christmas Day means everything is closed

Motorcycle sad...

More motorcycle sad...

You can see the road cutting through the mountain. So nice.

Have I mentioned the motorcycle sad?

Weee! (plus motorcycle sad)

Because we need more pictures of Captain Slow.

When we got to this campground and said we wanted a spot the guy said, "Eh, it's Christmas. Go find a spot." Score!

Hat by Wife. Good thing too, it got chilly.

Curious duck who visited during a group hang out

Christmas dinner with fellow campers, one Dutch couple (dude in the hat and the girl in gray) and one Belgian couple (the other two). All spoke English as well as you do...or better

Wine is for sharing and making new friends

Recording the day's adventures. Little did I know a small stone was about to ruin my night.


The first purchased bottle of wine of the trip.

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