Sunday, February 6, 2011

NZ- Friday, 12/31

Friday, 12/31- Shining Star, Hokitika

Lazy day today, and I like it. We had planned on walking in to town, doing a little shopping, then dropping the loot off and going on a nice, long hike.

Well, parts one and two happened. We did walk to Hokitika. Angela did buy a metric ton of yarn and fibery things. I bought some books because I finished all the ones we brought. And we checked out loads, heaps, rather, of things carved out of jade. It seems Hokitika is the jade capitol of the world. Or at least of NZ. Plenty of jade shops is what I'm trying to say.

We also looked at what was called the Maori Heritage Centre but was really another shop. I hope it was just a gift shop and we somehow missed the real Centre. But I don't think so.

Our plans went awry after we got back. Angela laid down for a moment and before we knew it it was nap time! After that we didn't really feel like going for a long walk. Instead we took a short walk to the beach and she read while I went for a barefoot beach run.

Sandy runs are rough. I was out for 35 minutes. I met a nice family at my turn around point that I stopped and talked to for a few minutes. When I passed them the first time the father yelled to me, “Australia's that way!” If I had been thinking, something I try to avoid when running, I would have made a remark about why would I want to go to a place that can't even get out of the first round of the Ashes when it's hosting it? New Zealanders love cricket jokes and Aussie jokes. It would have killed.

Good to Know: Barefoot beach running will sandblast your toes. I've got blisters on five toe pads now. Great. Make's 'em tougher, right?

After my run we came back to camp, played cards, and had dinner. Simple, easy day. It was nice. Might check out the glowworms again if we're still awake.

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